Pizza Hut Manager Has Good Sense Of Humor, Honors 20-Year-Old Coupon

Image courtesy of Ancient coupons of doom

What starts as a silly prank to see what happens when a grown man in American flag pants walks into a Pizza Hut with a sealed VHS copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles containing a $20 coupon booklet for the eatery quickly turns into a good deal for the pranksters.

“I’ll honor that one,” the good-spirit Hut manager tells the YouTubers, pointing to a coupon for a free medium one-topping pizza with the purchase of any Large Specialty Pizza. So they paid for a Meat Lover’s and got a free pie… with pineapple (a topping I’ve never fully appreciated though people continue to insist it’s good).

Thanks to Rowell for the tip!

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