Pizza Hut Brings Back Cardboard Pizza Dresser For The Holidays

Hey, remember that cardboard dresser of pizza that Pizza Hut imported from its overseas outlets for the holidays last year? That odd product, the Triple Treat Box, has returned this year, and comes with an Xbox giveaway and the same selection of pizzas, breadsticks, and cookies.

Fast food chains often treat their overseas outlets as a farm team, trying out new product and promotion ideas there first before launching them in their home country. The Triple Treat box was available in the Middle East before it came home, and people here thought that a cardboard pizza dresser seemed like a good enough idea that they launched an online petition begging Pizza Hut to bring it here.

Pizza Hut promises that there’s an average of one Xbox One S every hour during the promotion, or a total of 1,140 consoles. They have a special red controller, so you’ll never forget where your console came from.

The box has two one-topping medium pizzas, an order of breadsticks, and a giant chocolate chip cookie. It costs $19.99 plus tax and delivery.

Triple Treat Box Again Available at Pizza Hut for 2016 Holiday Season [Brand Eating]

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