Pizza Hut Worker & Company Head Trade Places: She Gets Super Bowl Tickets, He Does Her Job

Image courtesy of Pizza Hut

In a classic job switcheroo, this year a Pizza Hut employee will enjoy the boss’s Super Bowl seats, while the company president covers her usual restaurant duties.

Pizza Hut President Artie Starrs says he felt guilty at least year’s championship game, having fun with his fellow Yum Brands pals while 150,000 workers were churning out pizza after pizza on the company’s busiest day of the year.

“I decided that next year we need to have one of our employees in the field come sit in these seats and have this experience,” Starrs told CBS MoneyWatch.

The company held a six-month contest where, at the end, the entrants with the best customer satisfaction scores had their names put into a bowl. Starrs drew a veteran employee of 20 years who oversees around a half-dozen restaurants in Alabama.

She and her husband will be attending the game, while Starrs will work in her stores, doing whatever needs to get done — folding boxes, making pizzas, and yes, even delivering pizzas. He says he can hold his own, but that managers are better at making pizzas simply because they do it more often.

“I think this is something that we are going to be doing going forward. It’s a new tradition,” Starrs said.

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