Wendy's Unseats The Burger King In Fast Food Rankings

Both Burger King and Wendy’s have been attempting to revamp their look and their menus in recent years, but it looks like whatever Wendy’s is doing is working slightly better as the fast food company edged out Burger King to become the second-largest burger chain — and the #3 overall fast food joint — in the country.

According to an report from the fast food fact finders at Technomic (not to be confused with Technotronic) say that Wendy’s had sales of $8.5 billion last year, just a french fry better than the $8.4 billion earned by Burger King.

Both are still lagging behind Subway, which managed to rake in $11.4 billion last year, presumably by having a Subway on every street in every city in the entire country.

Regardless, none of these pretenders to the throne even comes close to taking down the clown in the number one spot. The $34.2 billion earned by McDonald’s last year is larger than Wendy’s, BK and Subway combined.

Technomic had predicted the King’s dethroning back in December, based on forecasts showing that Wendy’s same-store sales had increased while BK’s had slipped.

Wendy’s has attempted a massive company facelift in recent years, revising many of its menu items to feature less-processed foods, like its “natural-cut” fries and the Dave’s Hot ‘N’ Juicy line of burgers.

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