Walmart Greeter Asks For Receipt, Customer Punches Her In The Face

On Christmas Eve in Batavia, N.Y., an elderly Walmart greeter asked a 26-year-old customer for the receipt for her electronics purchases. Instead, the customer allegedly punched her in the face and tried to flee. A mob of customers chased her and prevented her car from leaving the parking lot, and she’s now in jail, charged with two counts of assault. Here’s the unusual part: the customer had receipts for all of her purchases.

An eyewitness told TV station WHAM that the petite 70-year-old greeter “flew across the floor” after being hit. She was treated at the hospital and released. The eyewitness reports that dozens of people, with “no hesitation,” ran after her assailant.

“It was amazing the community just came together and protected this lady,” said she told reporters. “Everyone knows her because she’s worked there for years and is a very nice lady.”

The customer is in the county jail on $20,000 bail.

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