It's Probation For Florida Man Who Punched Walmart Greeter

You might remember our story from January about a Walmart greeter in Florida who was fired after getting punched by a customer. Earlier this week, the man who threw the offending fist was given one year probation.

The probation sentence came after the customer pleaded no contest to battery charges.

From the Miami Herald:

Authorities say [the customer] was leaving the store after making a purchase in December 2009 when an alarm went off. A 69-year-old employee followed the 24-year-old outside, wrote down the license plate number on [his] car and went back inside the store. Security video shows [the customer] going back to the store, trying to take the greeter’s clipboard and punching him in the head.

The customer had previously claimed he acted in self-defense and that the greeter had used offensive language.

After being fired, the greeter expressed his confusion over what he’d done wrong.

“They told me I did a good job of defending myself,” he said about his former employers. “Then they turned around and fired me. I guess they just wanted me to stand there and get beaten.”

Man gets probation for fighting Walmart greeter [Miami Herald]

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