Is Walmart Putting Elderly Greeters In Harm's Way By Having Them Check Receipts?

While Walmart fires young loss-prevention staffers for restraining an armed shoplifter, the company has no problem asking its elderly employees to check receipts of exiting customers, who occasionally get violently upset when stopped. Perhaps the latest incident, in which a 71-year-old greeter was allegedly hit and choked by angry customers, might change things.

The mess went down at an Ohio Walmart over the weekend. A 49-year-old woman and her pregnant daughter, 21, had gone to the store to add money to a gift card and get a money order. No one showed up at the customer service counter so the pair made their way toward the exit, where the greeter asked to see a receipt.


Police say [mother and daughter] began to hurl racial slurs at him, pushed a shopping cart into him, and then choking him. The clerk at the customer service counter was also threatened.

Other Walmart employees tried to intervene when police say [the daughter] threatened to blow up the store, while the obscenities, threats, and racial slurs continued.

The duo will face charges of assault, inducing panic, and aggravated menacing when they appear in court on Wednesday.

The greeter is apparently doing okay and spent Monday resting at home. But this is only the latest in ugly incidents resulting from receipt checks.

In December 2009, a 72-year-old greeter was punched in the face in Pennsylvania over a receipt-checking dispute.

A few weeks later, fisticuffs broke out in Florida between a 69-year-old greeter and a customer.

And then there was the incident this past December, where a 100-year-old greeter in Milwaukee was hospitalized after falling during a heated discussion with a customer.

Of course, there was also the octogenarian greeter in North Carolina who was recently arrested for attempted armed robbery of his own store, which is completely unrelated but would make for a great movie starring Eli Wallach.

Anyway, we want to know what you think:

Elyria: 71-year-old Walmart greeter attacked []

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