Delicious Accident Leaves Highway Covered In Cake

We’ve written plenty of stories about delicious desserts that can do damage to your system if you overindulge, but here’s one about how these treats clogged up an entirely different kind of artery.

Traffic had to be re-routed today on a section of I-74 West in Illinois after two semis collided. One of them was carrying frozen food and the accident resulted in the highway being littered with chocolate cake and cinnamon rolls.

Our favorite part of the AP story:

Police say troopers were initially told that burritos were among the food on the roadway, but they later determined that was wrong.

Oh, and the two drivers were injured and taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that are not life-threatening.

Cinnamon rolls, chocolate cake on roadway snarl traffic after crash on Ill. interstate [Chicago Tribune]

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