what would walter white do?

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Storage Unit Auctioned Off For $80 Comes Complete With A Meth Lab

As anyone who’s ever watched reality TV shows where people try to outbid each other to buy storage units that the original owners have stopped paying for, you never know what you could get. There could be expensive art hiding in there, or maybe just three hundred empty bags of dog food. Or in one recent case, there could be boxes filled with equipment for your very own crystal meth lab. [More]

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Albuquerque’s Grasshopper Invasion Is So Intense, The Bugs Are Showing Up On Weather Radar

If you don’t like the idea of grasshoppers descending on your town like a creepy, crawly blanket of bugs, stop reading now. Because while that’s probably not exactly what Albuquerque feels like right now, there’s an invasion of grasshoppers in that area right now so dense that the bugs are showing up on weather radar. [More]


It’s Customary To Leave The Meth In Your Pocket & The Cash On The Table When Tipping

Listen, people, if you can’t binge watch TV shows responsibly, someone should probably revoke your Netflix privileges. That’s the kind of joke we have to make when we hear that a couple in Oregon left their waitress methamphetamine as a tip. Even Jesse wouldn’t do that. Or he would. But whatever, real life is not Breaking Bad life. [More]