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Police Officer Smashes Window Of Hot Car And Realizes He’s Just Rescued A Lifelike Doll

Acts of heroism can never be undone, but sometimes those being rescued don’t exactly need the help. For example, the very lifelike, yet very not alive, doll that police saved from a hot car in New Hampshire recently. [More]


Mall Sends Wrong Emergency Alert To Retailers During Robbery, Prompting Scare Over Active Shooter

Being inside a store when the gates clang down and having employees rush you into a back storeroom is bound to be a scary experience. And it was one that was totally unnecessary at a mall in Houston, after mall management accidentally sent an emergency alert to retailers warning of an active shooter on the premises, instead of a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store. [More]


Cops: Man Pulled Building’s Fire Alarm To Get Quicker Help For Toilet Clogged With Potatoes

When our fellow consumers make a bad decision, there are always lessons to be learned. In the case of a Pennsylvania man who pulled his building’s fire alarm when there was no fire, there are two things we must take away. First, don’t pull the fire alarm in a building if nothing is ablaze. Second, do not put potatoes in your toilet. [More]

False Bomb Threat Causes Scare On D.C.-Bound Flight

False Bomb Threat Causes Scare On D.C.-Bound Flight

Authorities swept a plane that landed in Washington, D.C. after a flight from Dayton, Ohio, following a threat originating in Ohio that a bomb was on board. The search came up empty and the woman who made the threat is suspected to suffer mental health issues. [More]