Watch Your Mailbox For Your Vibram FiveFingers Settlement Check

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

This is apparently the week for long-awaited class action settlement checks, though class members in the Vibram Five Fingers settlement haven’t had to wait as long as purchasers of tickets from Ticketmaster, but the class action over dubious health claims made about the “barefoot” style shoes has been in the courts since 2012. The class action was settled in 2014, with each participant expected to receive checks ranging from $20-$50. Instead, they’ll be getting $10.11 per pair of shoes. That’s more than $1.01 per toe!

In the original lawsuit against Vibram, a runner purchased Five Fingers shoes, and sued the company after concluding that the health claims used to sell them were false. The shoes might be nice, but they were sold as having health benefits and advantages over regular old shoes that don’t let your toes grip the ground. Other customers who were dissatisfied with their Five Fingers joined the suit, and they were eventually put together as a single class action.

Reader Chad received $10.11 as a check, so look out for check-like objects in your mailbox this week, and don’t automatically assume that they’re junk mail if you filed a claim in the class action. The firm handling the distribution of claims has asked all members of the class who don’t receive their check by Wednesday, June 22 to contact them.

Vibram FiveFingers Class Action [Official Site]

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