Man Trampled In Target On Black Friday Thought He Was Going To Die

A man with a herniated disk who became trapped on the ground as shoppers raced into a Target on Black Friday says that while he lay there, he thought he was going to die. You can hear his pitched screams on the surveillance video.

He says that he waited outside for eight hours and then got pinned against a door and shoved to the ground when the doors burst open with eager consumers surging to snatch up Christmas bargains.

The man, who was given a CAT scan and painkillers at the hospital, told WIVB, “I don’t think it’s worth standing out there all night to get trampled, or trample somebody else.”

Target pledged to take care of the man’s medical bills and said its “crowd management tactics” will be “analyzed” and “improved.” Since the tactics shown in the video seem to solely consist of having one bean-pole worker telling people “don’t run, don’t run,” that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Man was trampled in Buffalo Target on Black Friday [Syracuse] (Thanks to Michael!)

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