Target’s Black Friday In July Promotion Is Back To Annoy Us

target_black_fridaySure, Amazon is creating a new shopping holiday that they claim will be even bigger than Black Friday to honor their 20th anniversary, but we can be thankful for one thing: they are not actually referring to it as “Black Friday.” Many other retailers do regardless of what time of year it is, and Target has brought back their annual summer Black Friday promotion.

Two years ago, we actually contacted Target to find out what the deal was with this branding for what seems like it should be a regular old summer sale. Back in 2013, the sales were even similar, including a KitchenAid mixer marked down to $200.

While the cynical consumer might see this as a ridiculous grab for money and attention, here’s a more positive way to frame the promotion: not everyone celebrates Christmas, but shopping frenzies are something that Americans of every religion and ethnic background can enjoy.

If “Black Friday in July” is a variation of “Christmas in July,” that’s just an inclusive twist on an existing marketing concept. We grudgingly accept that this is a better idea than Christmas in July. What we can’t accept are retailers that reschedule Black Friday to what seems like every month: we’ve seen these sales held in February, April, and September. The trend seems to have peaked in 2013, but we’re watching you, marketers.

Also, be sure to actually have some good deals if you’re going to call something “Black Friday.”

Target Black Friday [Target] (Thanks, Matthew!)

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