Woman Wears Panty Mask To Rob A McDonald's Drive-Thru

Perhaps in an effort to hearken back to her bandanna-sporting bank robber forebears, a woman in Oklahoma decided to fashion a mask out of a pair of undies for her late-night burglary of a McDonald’s drive-thru. Thank God it was caught on camera.

Around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning, an employee of a McDonald’s in Midwest City, OK, noticed cash register at the drive-thru window was light on cash. Video footage revealed a woman in what appears to be a blonde wig and a mask made of underwear approach the window on foot and make off with cash from the then unattended register.

Says a baffled local police officer:

I’ve seen a wide variety of crime over the last 30 years but this particular case is one of the strangest based on her method of operation and weird disguise.

If this is what she wears to a robbery, I can only wonder what she wears when she skis.

Suspect Covers Face with Underwear During McDonald’s Drive-Thru Theft [News9.com]

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