Verizon Treats My Dumb Phone Like A Smart Phone, Requires Useless Data Package

Jonathan is angry that Verizon requires a $10-a-month data package for his wife’s lower-end flip phone, which she has no intention of using to web surf.

He writes:

My wife just renewed with Verizon on a 2 year plan for a small Samsung Alias 2 flip phone. I previously have owned this phone before upgrading myself to a true smartphone and enjoyed it. The problem is, they are making a mandatory data package with the phone, as if it were a smart phone. If anyone has used this device there is no reason it should be considered a smart phone that requires data. So for an extra $10/month she is required to have data on a basic phone. Is it not crazy that a small flip phone is required $10/m for data?

If you’re on Verizon, like your phone and don’t have to pay a data charge, sell John on your recommendation in the comments.

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