Police Looking For Daughter Who Assaulted Mom With McDonald’s Cheeseburger

A woman in Indianapolis is wanted for alleged assault with a ketchup-y weapon, after an argument at a local McDonald’s resulted in someone taking a partially eaten cheeseburger to the face.

The Indianapolis Star reports that the 39-year-old suspect and her mother, 60, had gotten into a dispute over living arrangements; the daughter was apparently no longer welcome at mom’s house.

At some point, the twosome ended up at a McDonald’s drive-thru. They got their food but remained in the parking lot, so someone else in the car could get out and use the McD’s restroom. That’s when things escalated, say the police.

“While her daughter was seated in the front passenger seat she took a bite out of her cheeseburger,” a police officer tells the Star. “The victim stated her daughter yelled ‘B—h I outta kill you’ and hit her in the left side of her face with her hand and the cheeseburger.”

When the police arrived, the daughter had already fled the scene (presumably with a caped and masked man in a black-and-white striped outfit) in another car, but there was plenty of evidence — in the form of ketchup, mustard, and pickles — left behind on mom and in her car.

It’s a shame this incident didn’t occur in Texas or Oklahoma. At least then, there would have been a chance that mom would have been hit with fresh beef instead of frozen.

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