Subway To Start Tessellating Cheese July 1?

Three years after the protests began, it seems Subway has finally listened to its customers and will start tessellating cheese on its sandwiches, according to what appears to be an internal weekly newsletter.

subwaydownunder.jpgClick to enlarge.

As the image shows, and anyone who has gotten a Subway sandwich knows, most Subways layer their isosceles-cut cheese in an overlapping fashion. This means one side of the sandwich gets more cheese than the other and leaves pockets of zero cheese, resulting in a uneven flavor and texture distribution. As the newsletter says, “This will improve the cheese coverage on the sandwiches.”

We don’t know if this picture is real, although that would be a pretty weirdly specific and not very damning thing to hoax, and have reached out to Subway for comment

Back in 2007, Left-Handed Toons made a cartoon about this policy and helped launch a miniature movement, complete with protest tshirt, which soon fizzled out in the face of Subway not really caring/knowing about it. Now, 2 years, 11 months, and 13 days later, Subway has changed its policy. At least for the Australia/New Zeland area.

Heralding the victory, Drew at Left-Handed Toons writes, “Now is the time for the New Procedure. You can almost picture taking every homogenous bite. It’s okay now. Everything will always forever be okay now.”

Is this a regional test or the first stage in a worldwide phase-in? We can only pray. Or wait for official comment. Either/or.

Effective July 1 – Subway worldwide to phase in tesselated cheese on all sandwiches [Reddit]
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(Thanks to David!)

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