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Indiana Subway Closes For A Day After Customer Posts Video Of Worker Zapping Bugs

At Subway, you have a choice of topping for your sandwich — cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, peppers, you know the drill. But itty-bitty bug carcasses? No one is lining up for that extra protein. [More]


Publix Feels Really Bad That They Decorated Your Cake With A Bug, Delivers New One

You might have had some nice celebrations this weekend, but we’d guess that none of them had the shocking level of true Above and Beyond customer service that karen experienced at a cookout on Saturday. Something as tiny as an insect can totally ruin the party, when that insect is a dead gnat lodged in the frosting of your birthday carrot cake. [More]

Can Of Planters Trail Mix Comes With Free Dried Gecko

Can Of Planters Trail Mix Comes With Free Dried Gecko

You never know what you might get the next time you reach into a container of trail mix. Peanut…raisin…dried apricot…sunflower seed…dried gecko. AHHH!!! DRIED GECKO! [More]