Subway's Incorrect Use Of Isosceles Cheese Actually A Vast Conspiracy

Subway’s penchant for not using their triangle cheese correctly is actually part of a diabolical mind-control plan to get you to pay more.

Back in July, Lefthandedtoons drew a cartoon mocking how Subway has triangle cheese, but never arranges it in a rhombus on the sandwich. Instead, Subway invariably lays it in a razorback formation, which the cartoonist felt led to “unnecessary dairy overlap” and “soul-crushing disappointment.”

Amused, a UK subway worker printed out the cartoon at work. His boss was not amused and hung the above sign in the storage room, which reads, “Cheese triangles need to be placed [drawing of razorback formation] -> this will promote the need for customers to desire extra cheese – as it doesn’t cover whole sandwich. Double cheese [picture of double razorback] = 40 p extra!”

Subway: A Method to Their Cheesy Madness [Left-Handed Toons]
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