Police Officer Prepares Orders At McDonald's

Wherever Craig lives, that’s where the most Hamburgler-proof McDonald’s in the country is located. He says he was there the other night and a police officer got up from the seating area, went around behind the counter, and prepared his order for him. When Craig asked why the officer was also a McDonald’s employee, the officer followed him outside and asked why he cared. That officer probably thought you were the Hamburglar, Craig.

Here’s the story that he sent us on Saturday:

I visited my local McDonald’s last night at 11:50pm according to the receipt. The restaurant was empty except for myself, two other customers eating in the dining room, a local police officer in full uniform (including utility belt with gun, pepper spray, etc) just sitting in the dining room (not eating or drinking anything) and the McDonald’s employees.

I placed my order with the cashier and moved to the closed register to wait for my food. I then noticed the police officer get up from the table she was sitting at and walk around the front counter to the food packaging area.

She looked up at the order status monitors that hang from the ceiling and proceeded to fill my order. She took a bag from the under the counter, opened it up and placed my sandwich inside. She then walked over to the fry station and scooped up my fries, placed them in a fry container and put that in my bag.

As I am watching this I notice the manager (she was dressed like the typical McDonald’s managers dress) walk past me in the dining room. I politely asked if she was the manager and she responded “Yes I am, can I help you with something?”. I asked her why a police officer was preparing my order and she looked at me like well why not?

I just waited for a verbal response but she decided to go tell the officer that I was complaining about her fixing my order. The officer said “Who is?” and the manager pointed to me. The officer gave me a look and handed the manager my order. The officer just stood to the side, behind the counter, while the manager gave me my order.

When I stepped outside to go to my vehicle the officer came outside to ask me why I was complaining. I told her that number one she doesn’t work there and number two she didn’t sanitize herself prior to handling my order. She said there was nothing wrong with what she did and I told her it was against health code to do that. I then asked for her name and badge number but she said she didn’t have to give it to me.

She then turned around and went back into the restaurant. I called the Desk Sargent when I got home to complain. He said he would look into it (yeah right). I then complained to McDonald’s via their website.

This morning I had a missed call from an unknown number. Checking my voicemail it turns out it was the owner of that restaurant. He said that the police hang out after their shift to keep out trouble. He went on to say that he understands why I might be concerned and would have a talk with the shift managers (again, yeah right).

I plan on reporting this incident to the health department first thing Monday morning.

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