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McDonald’s Manager Accused Of Handing Out Cocaine Hidden Inside Bags Of Food

While some might say that McDonald’s shouldn’t be handing out toys with its Happy Meals in an effort to entice the younger set, customers at a Golden Arches in New York City were apparently getting an even more controversial item with their orders: Police say the night shift manager of a Bronx location was selling drugs to customers, and hiding it inside bags of food. [More]


Company That Delivers Blood And Medicine By Drone Expanding To Rural United States

When we talk about deliveries by drone, usually the items traveling from one place to another are relatively frivolous, like flowers, takeout orders, beer, and the occasional appetizer. A company expanding into this country plans to deliver things that are even more life-saving than mozzarella sticks, though: it will use drones to bring blood for transfusion and medicine to remote areas. [More]