LEGO Shop Rushes Watch To Child's Door For Christmas

At the last minute, Andrew ordered what must be the coolest watch ever created as a Christmas gift for his eight-year-old, watch-fascinated son. He planned to leave an IOU under the tree, but LEGO Shop had other ideas.

Our son is 8 and has recently become fascinated with watches. He’s had several crummy digital watches with clumsy bands and poor functionality. On Wednesday, 12/23/2009 we thought he should have a decent watch. Being 8, he loves Legos as well and we finally found an R2-D2 Lego watch at It’s a nice “dial” watch, with a Lego studded bezel for building stuff on your watch! It also comes with a cool R2-D2 minifig. We decided to buy the watch, but their site stated it was too late to order for Christmas shipping even with the max shipping rate. So we bought the watch anyway with standard UPS shipping. Then we printed a picture to put under the tree with “coming soon” written on it.

Thursday 12/24/2009 a knock came at the door and a small package was there. The lego watch! We were hoping he wouldn’t be too disappointed. But came through big time. This kind of above and beyond service has made a kid SUPER happy and made his parents loyal customers.

There we have it: the very definition of a retailer going “above and beyond.”

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