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A Watch Made With Swiss Cheese Exists

There are many forms of protest out there, from songs to marches to sit-ins. But crafting a timepiece out of cheese? That’s one we’ve never heard of — until today: a Swiss watchmaker has created a watch made out of Swiss cheese as protest to show how easily the “Swiss-Made” label can be earned. [More]


Best Buy Will Be First Non-Apple Store To Sell Apple Watch

You’ve probably heard of the Apple Watch if you’ve been conscious during the last ten months or so. While the device only became available in Apple’s own retail stores in June, yesterday Best Buy announced that the Apple Watch will be available in a few hundred of its stores later this year. [More]

A recent search on Amazon for "MTM Special Ops" results in several other military-style watches.

Amazon Must Face Trademark Lawsuit Over Wristwatch Search Results

If Amazon doesn’t sell a specific product I’m looking for, should it simply tell me “Sorry, nothing here” or should it bring up a slate of other, possibly similar, competing products? To one high-end watchmaker that’s been involved in a four-year legal battle with Amazon, these questionable search results aren’t just an annoyance but constitute trademark infringement. And yesterday, a federal appeals panel said Amazon must face this trademark complaint in court. [More]


Goodwill Shopper Pays $6 For Rare Diving Watch Worth $35,000

There are some people in this world just begging for envy, and the guy who managed to spot a $35,000 watch amidst of bunch of broken, dead and otherwise junky timepieces at Goodwill is definitely one of those. [More]

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Life. Down. The Drain. (SkyMall)

SkyMall Wants You To Watch The Seconds Of Your Life Tick, Tick, Ticking Away

“Is this reeeeaaaall?!” is a question that we ask each other around Consumerist HQ pretty much every day. Because if we’ve learned anything from this wide world, it’s that people are absolutely trying their best to invent things that make us feel crazy inside. For example: A watch that counts down the years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds of your life. Until you die. Not because the watch itself will kill you, but still, creepy. [More]

(Dan Akers)

Would You Rent A $50,000 Watch?

Do you have lots of disposable income, a love of fine timepieces, and a tendency to get bored with the things that you buy within a few months, no matter how pricey they are? Maybe watch-rental startup Eleven James is for you. It’s a company that lends out fine wristwatches like they’re Netflix DVDs. [More]

Nike GPS Watch Breaks, Locks Up Your Running Data Forever

Nike GPS Watch Breaks, Locks Up Your Running Data Forever

Jose doesn’t want a free replacement for his out-of-warranty Nike GPS watch. He doesn’t even want a free repair. He just wishes that the company would offer in-house repair options for the device, which he paid $160 for. His watch has what looks like a hardware issue, but he can’t be sure. His run data is locked up on the watch, and he can’t get it out. The only option is a third-party service that charges $12 just to look at the watch. [More]

We Lied, Your Watch Is Out Of Warranty: Now Give Us $106

We Lied, Your Watch Is Out Of Warranty: Now Give Us $106

Richard received a Casio Pathfinder digital watch as a gift. First its satellite time-syncing superpowers failed, and he called the company for help. They opened a case and assured him that since the case had been opened before his warranty expired, it was fine if he sent the watch in for repair at a later date. Then other functions started acting oddly. He sent the watch in for repair, and Casio determined that the watch was out of warranty and he’d have to pay more than a hundred bucks to get his superwatch back. [More]

LEGO Shop Rushes Watch To Child's Door For Christmas

LEGO Shop Rushes Watch To Child's Door For Christmas

At the last minute, Andrew ordered what must be the coolest watch ever created as a Christmas gift for his eight-year-old, watch-fascinated son. He planned to leave an IOU under the tree, but LEGO Shop had other ideas. [More]

Morning Deals

  • Apple: Refurbished iPod touches on sale, 8GB for $180, 16GB for $240, 32GB for $320
  • Amazon: Rewards points upgrade for existing Visa holders
  • Apple: Free Select iTunes TV Shows in HD (requires iTunes 8

Highlights From Dealnews

  • Travelocity: United Airlines Sale: Round-trip flights from $108
  • Men’s Watch Deals: Timex, Marc Ecko, more from $40 + free shipping
  • Sears: Seven7 Women’s Jeans for $18 + $6 s&h, more

Highlights From Buxr

  • Budget Truck Rental: $50 Gift card when paying w/American Express
  • Reverie: T-Shirt Sale: Buy 1 TEE get 1 free TEE
  • BestBuy: Westinghouse 42″ 1080p LCD HDTV and portable DVD Player for $749.99 + shipping

Highlights From Dealhack

  • New Customers: Save $5 or $10 off First Order
  • Vann’s: Panasonic FZ28 10.2MP Digital Camera $340 Shipped
  • Amazon: Get Savings of up to 75% off Bargain Books
Looking For Great Deals? Try The Local Pawn Shop

Looking For Great Deals? Try The Local Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are becoming an unlikely source of great deals thanks to the ongoing non-recession thing, according to CBS. Where else can you turn pop’s old watch into last month’s overdue rent check? We always see pawn shops as a half-step up from dumpster diving, a semi-acceptable sad-land where each abandoned item comes with a free story and a frown.

Target To 80-Year-Old: Yeah, We Sold You The Wrong Watch Battery, But We Won't Take It Back

Target To 80-Year-Old: Yeah, We Sold You The Wrong Watch Battery, But We Won't Take It Back

My mother in law, recently went to Target to get a battery installed for her watch. The watch was a common Timex model and the associate told her that she would have to buy the battery first. So she purchased that battery, and the associate attempted to install it in the watch. The battery did not fit the watch, so the associate said “sorry, we don’t have the right battery” and then refused to take the battery back and refund her money. She was told they don’t take back opened battery packages.

Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• Looking for a watch for the big wristed. [Link]

Broken Watch, Missing Watch, Stolen Watch?

Broken Watch, Missing Watch, Stolen Watch?

If there’s one technical support job that even the dimmest of bulbs can flick the rope of drool off of their pendulous lower lip to get, it has to be watch battery replacement. Any fool can do it; ask all of my stoner friends in high school, who all worked at the same mall watch repair pagoda.

Morning Deals Round Up

• Today’s Woot! is a Denon S-101 DVD Entertainment System with iPod compatibility for $705, shipped. That’s a good price—they normally go for $900 or more—but we can’t help but think that for most folks, a nice DVD player and a set of surround sound speakers and receiver might be a better value, even without the ability to charge an iPod.