Staples Cashier: You Need A Warranty Because All Of Our Electronics Are Crap

Jack in New York went to his local Staples store to buy a GPS, and writes that he ran across a novel sales pitch for extended warranties. According to this cashier, the electronic devices that Staples sells are so terrible, customers have no choice but to buy an extended warranty from Staples.

He writes:

I always look forward to Black Friday, when I can commence my Christmas Shopping online from my own home. I found the GPS I wanted at a good price, but it was also available at my local Staples store. Now, I often shop at Staples–they have some good sales–so long as you know what you want.

I went to Staples, a few weeks after the BF mob had disappeared, and found the GPS I wanted. Same price, no problem. They had none on the shelf, but the friendly sales person found one for me in the stockroom. While ringing it up, he strongly suggested that they had a special price on 2-year extended warranties, and that I should purchase one.

I don’t believe in extended warranties. My late brother sold appliances, and always told me that they’re pretty much a racket. I asked the Staples cashier if he thought I really needed one. “Oh, yes,” he said, “we have a lot of problems with these products!”

“Hmmm,” said I, “that doesn’t sound like an ideal sales pitch.” It brought to mind Honest Anthony at the local auto emporium, telling me that my shiny new V-8 luxury SUV would be a pile of rusted junk before I finished my payment book unless I bought the rustproofing detailing superwax special. Salesmanship.

“Well”, said the Staples Supersalesman, with a strange look on his face as he realized what I was saying, “it is an electronics product, and we are featuring our extended warranty at our special price.”

I bought the GPS anyway.

Well, at least he didn’t turn around and go to Best Buy.

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