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Walmart Starting Holiday Layaway Early Again So It Can Sell More ‘Star Wars’ Stuff

You want Star Wars merchandise this holiday season? Walmart has Star Wars stuff, which is the entire reason the retailer is kicking off its holiday layaway program a full two weeks early for the second year in a row. [More]

"C'mon Rey! I said I was sorry... I didn't ask to be made a Monopoly game piece!"

Star Wars Monopoly Game Getting Female Character After All

Hasbro recently explained that the reason it didn’t include the main character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens in its new Star Wars-themed Monopoly game wasn’t because she was a female, but because it didn’t want to spoil info about her character that was already quite obvious from the trailers. But now that everyone and their goldfish has done their mandatory 135-minute duty and watched the movie, Hasbro is going to add a woman to the Monopoly mix. [More]

Hasbro thought to include at least one female in this product shot of Star Wars Monopoly, but not in the game.

Monopoly Games Omit Star Wars’ Lead Female, Relocate Des Moines To Ohio

It’s not a good week for Hasbro’s long-running (and apparently inexhaustible) Monopoly franchise. First, the company has to explain why its new Star Wars-themed game leaves out the new film’s female lead character, and now comes news that Hasbro has decided that Iowa’s capital city is actually located hundreds of miles away in Ohio. [More]

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If You’re Not Sure That Mark Hamill Autograph Is Legit, Just Ask Mark Hamill

We know. You love everything that has to do with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and that includes Mark Hamill. But before you shell out the big bucks for that piece of memorabilia bearing Luke Skywalker’s signature, you might want to check its authenticity with the source itself: Mark Hamill (or Luke Skywalker, depending on your grasp on reality). [More]

Whoosh! Pew pew pew!

You Could Buy A Castle, A Trip To Space & The Real Han Solo With Star Wars’ $517M Box Office Take

If you enjoy fun, popular culture, or things that go boom, there’s a pretty good chance you saw the most recent Star Wars film sometime between Thursday night and Sunday night. Tens of millions of people did, anyway, and as a result the movie has shattered nearly all the opening weekend box office records there are. [More]

If your mouth runs, you better run.

Coolest Company President Ever Warns Employees Not To Ruin ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ For Everyone Else

If you’ve been shunning social media and refusing to speak to anyone who’s already seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you aren’t alone. But you also know how difficult it can be for anyone to keep their traps shut around the water cooler (seriously, I find your lack of restraint disturbing). That’s why the coolest company president we’ve ever heard of made sure to step in and prevent life-ruining chatter before it starts. [More]

The merest, tiniest sample of the ridiculously huge array of Star Wars-branded merchandise out in the world.

Costumes, Toys, And Soup Add Up: Star Wars Stuff May Be Worth More Than $9B To Disney

Hey, have you heard of this little movie coming out on Friday? It’s a Star Wars installment. Barely anyone is talking about it and there’s no advertising or merchandise, so it might be easy to… [More]

Disney Decides To Be Evil Again, Re-Sends Copyright Takedown For Star Wars Figure Pic

Disney Decides To Be Evil Again, Re-Sends Copyright Takedown For Star Wars Figure Pic

This morning, it seemed like Disney had realized that sending copyright takedown notices for legally obtained and posted photos of Star Wars action figures was maybe not a good idea. But the Dark Side apparently has Mickey in its grips, as Disney continues to send takedown notices for copyright claims the company had already retracted. [More]

This post on the SWAN Facebook page was hit with a copyright claim by Disney. The claim was initially retracted, but then re-sent by Disney only hours later, resulting in the removal of the entire post.

Disney Forces Takedown Of Star Wars Figure Photos; Realizes Maybe That’s Not A Good Idea

UPDATE: Within hours of issuing the retraction on the copyright claim, Disney re-sent the same claim to Facebook, this time demanding the removal of the entire post (which didn’t violate copyright to begin with). Not only is the original post gone, but the Facebook user who took the photo is currently under a three-day ban from posting anything to the site. [More]


What Would Destroying The Death Stars Do To The Economy In The ‘Star Wars’ Universe?

When the Rebel Alliance took out the two Death Stars, first one (Star Wars IV: A New Hope ) and then the other (The Return of the Jedi), fans of the Star Wars universe probably cheered alongside Luke, Leia, Han, Wedge, Lando* and the rest of the gang. But what about the people living in the Empire — what would the destruction of those evil space stations — and thus, the fall of the Empire — have meant to the galactic economy? [More]

Apparently Under Armour’s ‘Star Wars’ Clothing For “All Genders” Only Includes Men And Boys

Apparently Under Armour’s ‘Star Wars’ Clothing For “All Genders” Only Includes Men And Boys

You don’t have to look very far to find a female who loves Star Wars (here’s where I raise my hand) but over at Under Armour, it seems the company thinks only members of the male population are into buying merchandise tied to the franchise. Its “Imperial Collection” of branded T-shirts and clothing lists two categories under “All Genders” — Men and Boys. [More]

(Left: Courtesy of; Right:

“Boy” Costume For Female Star Wars Character Was Supposed To Be Unisex, Says Manufacturer

You might be aware of this, but Disney has a new Star Wars flick coming out soon. As such, there’s been a flood of products tied to The Force Awakens — everything from toys to costumes, droid dolls to pajama sets. One of those costumes is for the Captain Phasma character, a new villain played by Gwendoline Christie (aka Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones) — a character that girls and boys alike might want to dress up as for Halloween (or for a regular Tuesday). So how come it’s being sold with a “BOY” label on it in a store? [More]

Star Wars Films To Finally Become Digital Downloads

Star Wars Films To Finally Become Digital Downloads

While almost every important movie has long been made available as a digital download by now, the six films in the Star Wars saga have not (legally) been obtainable this way. But that will finally change starting Friday when all of the movies will be released online at the same time. [More]

Even if Disney launches a Star Wars streaming service, don't expect to catch re-runs of the infamous 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special.

Disney Considering Marvel, ‘Star Wars’ Streaming Services

With its involvement in Dish’s Sling TV service, Disney has shown that it’s willing to experiment with making its high-value cable programming available to consumers who don’t want traditional cable TV. So why not look into that same approach for its marquee movie titles? [More]

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Disney To “Significantly” Increase Star Wars Presence At Theme Parks

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, it wasn’t just doing us all a favor by wresting the Star Wars films from the tinkering hands of George Lucas, nor was Disney merely thinking about box-office revenues from the eventual Star Wars sequels it would produce. Disney also has a few theme parks you might have heard of, and it thinks people might be interested in checking out a Star Wars attraction or two at these parks. [More]


Officials: Man Was Killed Because He Tried To Pay Off $3K Debt With Star Wars Figurines

If we could all just choose our own currency, you better believe I’d be paying off all my debts in bobby pins found while vacuuming. But because we can’t pick our preferred methods of payment, officials say one man killed another who allegedly tried to pay off his $3,000 debt by way of Star Wars figurines. [More]


The Only Princess Leia Toy Offered In Hasbro’s Star Wars Line Is Wearing The “Slave Outfit”

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that apparently the only memory of Princess Leia we can take from the original Star Wars trilogy is that of her scantily clad in a slave’s bikini, chained to that hulk of flesh and drool, Jabba the Hutt. At least that’s the only image of her currently sold in Hasbro’s “Black Series” line of figurines at a bunch of toy stores. [More]

We Want To Go To There: Travel Posters Feature Destinations From Game Of Thrones, Star Wars

We Want To Go To There: Travel Posters Feature Destinations From Game Of Thrones, Star Wars

For anyone who ever spent a family vacation as a kid with their nose shoved deep inside the Lord of the Rings series while your parents begged you to take in the local sights, we understand that it’s not that you don’t like to travel. It’s just that you can’t actually go to Rivendell, or Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine, or cast your gaze upon Winterfell from Game of Thrones. But if only you could… [More]