Do Not Back Your Car Into A KFC Employee Because She Forgot Your Condiments

Here’s some advice for you. If the KFC employee forgets your condiments, do not back your car into her. This is an overreaction on your part.

The Phoenix New Times says that after customer noticed she had been cruelly denied condiments, she stormed back into the KFC and began a shouting match with the employees inside. One of the workers then followed the woman back out to her car to take down her license plate number.

When the customer began to back out of her parking space, the employee hit her trunk in order to let her know that she was standing back there and did not want to die.

At that point, according to police, the customer ran her car into the employee.

The employee is ok, and the customer has been arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, plus disorderly conduct. Over some condiments. Sigh.

Customer Allegedly Bumps KFC Employee With Car After Condiments Dispute [Phoenix New Times]
(Photo:Morton Fox)

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