10 Quasi-Secret Credit Card Perks

To get more mileage out your plastic, Mint.com’s got “10 Little-Known Credit Card Perks” to show you.

Among them, delaying a payment, getting merchant surcharges for credit card transactions removed, and getting automatic doubled warranties on new purchases:

When you make an expensive purchase like a new computer or refrigerator, there’s no need to buy the extended warranty that you’ll be offered at the store. As long as you use a major credit card to make the purchase, “your provider will automatically match the warranty up to a year on new purchases,” says Clark.

I would avoid the tip about trying to make money by putting cash advances in higher-interest accounts. If you don’t follow the policies to the letter, you can easily get hit with fat interest penalties.

10 Little-Known Credit Card Perks [Mint] (Photo: frankieleon, supplier of many awesome personal-finance post appropriate photos to our Flickr pool)
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