Help, There Are Bugs In My Kitty Litter!

Dawn is freaked out because when she got up this morning, she found bugs in her cat’s litter box. She called the company that makes the litter to ask them what to do, and they offered coupons but no real explanation. “Maybe some of your readers have had the same experience and could help me figure out what to do,” she writes. “Thanks!”

Here are the details:

I decided to go to a grain-based litter to avoid the environmental effects of clay based litter. Everything has been fine for the the longest time, until this morning. I saw a white dust covering the litter box when I woke up. I went to get my glasses and went I put them on I saw that the dust was MOVING. The thing was covered in bugs. I had no idea what to do. I googled cat litter bugs and found that I was not the first to have an infestation from a grain based kitty litter. I did the only thing I could think of, putting on gloves and throwing the entire kitty litter box in the garbage. One problem remained, the bugs had migrated to the nearby table where I had my laptop, cell phone and wallet. And of course, it was moving too. I put it all in a plastic garbage bag, sealed it up and put the bag outside.

I called the company as soon as they opened at 8am and the woman who answered did not seem concerned at all. She offered to send me some coupons. I told her I didn’t want any coupons I wanted to find out what to do…I had bugs in my home! She said I could put some of the bugs in a container and send them to her. So, in a week or two, they will tell me what to do? Seriously, the customer service representative offered no help.

So my laptop and cell phone and wallet are sealed up in a garbage bag outside. And I have coupons in the mail. And bugs infesting my home.

The few pages we could find online regarding the topic all suggest that this is a recurring (but maybe not common) issue if you go with grain-based cat litter. World’s Best is made from corn, while Swheat is made from wheat; both can become infested with bugs—possibly meal moths or pantry beetles—but they aren’t lethal to cats or anything. Just gross.

This page at moderncat compares four different natural cat litter products, including the one Dawn is using, and it’s filled with comments from cat owners talking about their own experiences—including occasional bug infestations. It’s worth a read if you’re considering switching brands.

(Photo: Br0m)

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