Amazon’s Stupid Shipping Gang Sends Giant Off-Balance Box Of Kitty Litter

Indira ordered a small box of cat litter, as boxes of cat litter go. The litter was fine, but she was a little concerned about the box that it arrived in. From what we’ve learned, this box was a bad choice both to accommodate the merchandise inside, and for its journey from Indira’s doorstep.

Here’s what she found when she opened the box.


As nice as it is to receive a big shipment of free packing materials, this is a little excessive. Obviously, there were no boxes large enough to accommodate the box of litter available.

Yet if that’s all the packing material inside, it means the box is under-filled, and the heavy container of litter could slide from side to side, affecting other packages that might be piled with it.

In summary, we don’t know what’s right here, and customers should always complain to Amazon about their packaging issues.

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