Pack Your Car Emergency Kit For Holiday Travel



I didn’t really take the idea of car emergency kits seriously until I bought a neighbor’s old car, and discovered the wealth of supplies for various emergencies that he had left in the trunk and console. Gloves for changing the tire? Check. Can of Fix-A-Flat for Urgent tire emergencies? Check. Disposable camera in case of an accident? Check. (This was before camera phones were popular.) What else should emergency kits for the discerning and slightly paranoid motorist contain?

Our safety-minded colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports have some ideas about what you should keep on your car. Even if you only drive in well-populated areas, some of these items could still be very handy.

A first-aid kit: Carry treatments for a few basic injuries and illnesses, and make sure you know how to use everything inside.

A fire extinguisher: Also make sure you know how this works before an actual emergency happens.

Tire-changing or fixing equipment: If your car doesn’t have a spare tire, as many newer vehicles don’t, learn how to use the equipment you have.

What about winter-specific items if you live in an area that’s cold or snowy? Consumer Reports suggests stashing extra warm-weather gear like a blanket and extra hat in your trunk, as well as a hardcore ice scraper, bag of kitty litter for extra traction, and tire chains if you know how to use them.

What to Pack in a Car Emergency Kit for Your Holiday Road Trips [Consumer Reports]

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