Christmas Creep: Radio Stations Are In Full Holiday Mode

If you thought that you could avoid Christmas Creep by staying out of stores — think again. It’s annoying you on the radio as well.

Reader Matt says:

I’m probably one of the biggest fans of the Christmas holiday on the planet but the spirit isn’t typically shown after Thanksgiving. I’ve gotten a few laughs on how many stores started with the Christmas Creep extremely early this year. Well it extends beyond the stores. After dropping my fiancee off at Logan Airport this morning, which is in Boston for those not familiar with the area, I started scanning the radio to find some decent tunes. And what did I find on Oldies 103.3? You guessed it Christmas music. When I got home and took a look at their website, , it really put the icing on the cake. The “holiday season” has gotten out of control this year and I just wanted to share my experience with you guys.