United Plane Makes Emergency Landing Due To Smoke In The Galley

United Plane Makes Emergency Landing Due To Smoke In The Galley

Smoke in the cabin of a passenger airplane is a scary prospect. That’s why a plane heading from Munich, Germany to Washington Dulles International Airport made an emergency landing at Boston’s Logan Airport instead: There was smoke pouring from the plane’s galley… which may or may not have actually been caused by a fire. [More]

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Lyft To Start Self-Driving Car Program In Boston

Ride-hailing service Uber may be the one that got to splashy headlines about self-driving cars first, but Lyft hasn’t exactly been sitting around, either. The company has finally announced where it will first take autonomous vehicles to the street: the notoriously tricky roads of Boston. [More]

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Uber Trying To Make Nice With Cities By Sharing Traffic Data

Have you ever watched a busy downtown city street and wondered how many of those cars are Ubers, how far they’re going, and how long it usually takes them to get there? City planners and transit administrators do, and so to make their lives a little easier, Uber’s planning to start giving away some aggregated, public-interest data to help transit planners plan. [More]


Job Listings, Tax Collection Give Away Amazon Plans For Stores In Boston, Washington D.C.

After starting in Seattle and San Diego, slowly coming to the parts of the country that face the Pacific, Amazon seems ready to head east. Recent developments in Beantown and our nation’s capital indicate that the massive online retailer seems ready to build new brick-and-mortar stores on the more Atlantic side of things. [More]


Verizon Thinking About Maybe Expanding FiOS Again After All, Sort Of

Verizon has been very clear, repeatedly, that they are over this whole FiOS thing. They are happy with the service they provide and the footprint in which they provide it, and do not have expansion plans for the future. Oh, wait, though — except for that thing where now they actually totally do. [More]

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Amazon To Expand Same-Day Prime Delivery To All Of Boston… Eventually

Free same-day delivery is a nice perk that millions of Amazon Prime customers in and near major cities nationwide have access to. But not all access is created equal, as a recent investigation found out, and the map of who was being excluded has some unpleasant undertones. In Boston at least, the city with the most obvious delivery hole, Amazon is now changing its tune and will expand service to all residents. [More]

Chipotle Manager Fired After 153 People Get Sick With Norovirus

Chipotle Manager Fired After 153 People Get Sick With Norovirus

What and who exactly is to blame for the norovirus outbreak that sickened more than 150 people who ate at a Boston Chipotle? We can’t say exactly, but there’s one person who is being hit with some of the blame. [More]

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If You’re Having An Open House, Don’t Leave Pills In Your Medicine Cabinet

As we’ve already shown today, some folks will go to great lengths to steal prescription medications. But why deal with having to pry open a security door when a wannabe pill thief can just go to an open house and hope to score in the unlocked medicine cabinet? [More]

Southwest Passengers Removed From Plane After Engine Catches Fire

Southwest Passengers Removed From Plane After Engine Catches Fire

A short delay turned into an overnight stay for nearly 150 Southwest passengers when the aircraft they were on aborted its takeoff after an engine caught fire. [More]

Not a Boston goat, but a goat enjoying his work nevertheless. (jasonschwarz)

Boston Expanding Its Goat-Powered Landscaping System Because Everyone Loves Goats

We’ve learned recently that all you need to get people pumped up about a landscaping plan is hire a couple of four-footed workers to do what they already like doing, munching away on vegetation. After a successful season last summer using ruminants as landscapers, Boston is expanding its plan this year, adding more goats at more city locations in need of tending. [More]

Bolt Bus Near Boston Explodes, Engulfed In Flames

Bolt Bus Near Boston Explodes, Engulfed In Flames

You may be familiar with Bolt Bus: they’re a discount line that provides direct service between cities in the Northeast and on the West Coast. Some passengers traveling from New York to Boston were fortunate to escape their vehicle before it was engulfed in flames about 15 minutes outside of Boston. [More]


Boston Taxi Drivers Sue City For Allowing Uber, Lyft To Operate

City authorities in places like Portland, San Francisco, and L.A., have each taken legal actions against ridesharing services like Uber, and taxi drivers around the country have accused these companies from sidestepping regulations. But a recently filed lawsuit by Boston taxi drivers points the blame-finger at the city for allowing Uber, et al, to operate. [More]

Harvard Business Professor Apologizes For $4 Overcharge Feud With Restaurant

Harvard Business Professor Apologizes For $4 Overcharge Feud With Restaurant

Earlier today, we told you about the Harvard Business School professor who engaged in a lengthy back and forth with the owner of a couple of Boston-area restaurants over the issue of a $4 overcharge. Apparently the Internet didn’t side with the prof, who is now apologizing. [More]

From the lengthy e-mail exchange between the professor and the restaurateur. (via

When You Overcharge A Harvard Business Professor $4, Don’t Blow Him Off

One of the worst things a restaurant can do when it learns it’s overcharged a customer is to shrug it off and say “Oh, we’ll get around to fixing that.” This is especially true when that customer is a Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard. [More]

Chef Apologizes For Calling Yelper “Mentally Ill Raging Alcoholic”

Chef Apologizes For Calling Yelper “Mentally Ill Raging Alcoholic”

Oh Yelp, thou art a ceaseless font of stories about restaurant customers overreacting to bad meals and service and the chefs who make headlines by flipping the f&@! out on social media about a review that most people would probably have ignored to begin with. [More]

‘Boston Massacre’ Nike Shirts Garner High Asking Prices On eBay After Being Pulled From Stores

‘Boston Massacre’ Nike Shirts Garner High Asking Prices On eBay After Being Pulled From Stores

In the wake of recent events, it’s not surprising that Nike would want to stop selling shirts that feature the phrase “Boston Massacre,” complete with blood-stained letters. So of course it probably comes as little shock that folks who have these shirts are now trying to unload them for high prices on eBay. [More]

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More Than 125 Sketchy Domains Registered Within Hours Of Boston Marathon Explosions

Yesterday, many of us stopped giving a hoot about — at least for a few minutes — about problems with our wireless bills and cable connection to watch with concern as news reports tried to piece together exactly what happened during and after the explosions that rocked the Boston Marathon. Then there were those jerks who, as will all high-profile tragedies, sought to cash in. [More]

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Pizza Franchisees Say Chain Owners Took Groupon Money But Didn’t Share

Back in August, the owners of New England’s Upper Crust chain of pizzerias ran two offers on Groupon, selling more than 6,000 $12 vouchers that could be redeemed for $25 in food. But some franchisees who run independently own Upper Crust stores say they were not told in advance about the Groupons and that they never saw a lick of that cash. [More]