Airlines Considers $10 Fee For Sitting Away From Babies

WestJet recently sent out a survey to its readers to look at a list of $10 fees and respond which they were okay paying with. One of them was a $10 fee for not having to sit near screaming babies and small children. The airline also wanted to know if customers would be interested in $10 savings for putting up with or giving up certain things, like savings for not earning frequent flier miles or savings for having a seat that doesn’t recline. Brilliant business move or deceptive fare increase? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

FEE – $10 more for:

  • Priority boarding (getting on the plane first)
  • Priority disembarking (getting off the plane first)
  • Expedited baggage delivery
  • Priority rebooking in case of flight cancellation
  • Complimentary meals/hotel accommodations when a flight is either cancelled or substantially delayed
  • In-flight Internet access
  • Guaranteed space in the overhead bin
  • In-seat power
  • Premium snack/meal offering
  • A freshly laundered pillow/blanket set that you may keep after the flight
  • An amenity kit with earplugs, eyeshades and toiletries to keep you refreshed on the plane
  • A wait of 10 minutes or less to clear security checkpoints
  • Sitting away from parents traveling with babies/small children

SAVINGS – $10 off for

  • Savings for not checking bags
  • Savings for not earning frequent flier miles
  • Savings for only bringing aboard one small piece of carry-on baggage (e.g., only a purse or computer bag)
  • Savings for being the last to board
  • Savings for using online check-in instead of a kiosk
  • Savings for using either a kiosk or online check-in instead of a human agent
  • Savings for having my checked luggage to be among the last to be delivered
  • Savings for sitting in a middle seat
  • Savings for making no changes to your ticket prior to departure
  • Savings for not getting free water, coffee/tea, juices or soft drinks in flight
  • Savings for having a seat that does not recline
  • Savings to sit close to parents traveling with babies/small children

How about a $10 savings for helping out fellow sleepy passengers…

Airline considers $10 surcharge for baby-free seating, priority disembarking [ELLIOTT] (Image: Getty)