How To: Hijack Fast Food Drive Thru Frequencies

Here’s a video (NSFW, language) that shows you how to modify a CB radio using parts from a toaster in order to hijack fast food drive thru frequencies. Now, we’d never suggest that you do this in the manner demonstrated by these fine gentlemen. Instead, why not improve the customer service of your local fast food establishment?

“Hi welcome to McDonald’s! Don’t buy the such-and-such it’s a waste of money. Just order the cheaper burger with lettuce and sauce.”

“Did you know that salad has more calories than a Jr. Whopper?”

The possibilities are endless.

Note: Although it is extremely interesting and funny..please, please, please don’t actually do this. Just watch the video and learn about science. People who work fast food jobs have enough to deal with. They are people, too.
(Thanks, Brad!)