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Man Who Shot His Computer In An Alley Pleads Guilty To Criminal Charge

Man Who Shot His Computer In An Alley Pleads Guilty To Criminal Charge

Remember the guy who executed his misbehaving computer in an alley behind his home? He won’t be shooting up any more electronics any time soon, after he pleaded guilty to discharging a firearm within the city limits of Colorado Springs. [More]

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Put Your $10K Apple Watch Between Powerful Magnets

It doesn’t matter if we’ve seen a slew of videos showing expensive electronics getting totally [spoiler alert] destroyed at the hands of curious home scientists (in the name of durability testing, of course), put another one in front of us and we’re probably going to watch the destruction footage yet again. Entering the arena: A $10,000 gold-plated Apple Watch. [More]


Crayola: Don’t Use Our Colored Pencils On Your Face

In another example of why it’s not a good idea to believe every viral thing you come across on the Internet, Crayola is warning customers not to use its colored pencils as makeup after some beauty bloggers posted tutorials on how to soften the drawing tools and use them as eyeliner. [More]


Yes, Adding Gasoline And Lighter Fluid To A Birthday Cake May Increase Risk Of Setting Other Things On Fire

With the dawning of the Internet age has come an era filled with technological advances and tools that let humans talk to each other all over the world in mere seconds. And yet it has also wrought incredible stupidity, all for the sake of filming things to post on YouTube. Adding to the list of very unwise things to do for Internet fame: Adding flammable liquids to a birthday cake to make it explode — while inside the house. [More]

(Colorado Springs Police Department)

Police: Man Sick Of Fighting His Computer Took It Into The Alley And Shot It

Listen, everyone has their issues with computers, and we all know they’re going to be our overlords in the future, but taking out your frustrations by firing a few shots into the offending technology won’t go over well with law enforcement. [More]


Man Burned While Trying To Rid Rental Car Of Bed Bugs

The list of things we didn’t think needed to be explicitly stated has just grown, after a man trying to kill bedbugs with alcohol in his rental car ended up burning himself instead of delousing the vehicle. [More]

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This Is The Best Video Of A Guy Using A Power Tool To Eat A Bagel That You’ll See Today

True: There are other ways to perform common, everyday actions apart from widely accepted methods. False: All of these are brilliant and deserve the description of “mind-blowing.” But though it won’t change everything you ever thought you knew about breakfast, it is fun to see a guy use power tools on a bagel. [More]


Naked Man Rescued From Washing Machine Is A Helpful Reminder That Appliances Are Not Toys

Did people in Australia not watch Punky Brewster growing up? Because surely if one Aussie man had seen the episode where Cherie gets stuck in a refrigrator during hide-and-seek (spoiler alert: SHE ALMOST DIES!) he never would’ve climbed naked into a washing machine and expect any kind of positive result. [More]

Bank Of America Reaches Out To Angry YouTube Star

Bank Of America Reaches Out To Angry YouTube Star

While we don’t recommend doing this on a large scale, one woman’s YouTube debt revolt has succeeded. Ann MInch, a YouTube sensation and then-unemployed credit card rebel, has been offered a lower interest rate on her card.

Data Roaming: Don't Try This On The AT&T Network

Data Roaming: Don't Try This On The AT&T Network

For as long as there’s been mobile Internet, there have been outrageous roaming charges for using mobile Internet abroad. Now, people affected by this issue have a celebrity spokesman: Adam Savage of “Mythbusters” fame.

How To: Hijack Fast Food Drive Thru Frequencies

“Hi welcome to McDonald’s! Don’t buy the such-and-such it’s a waste of money. Just order the cheaper burger with lettuce and sauce.”