Find Out Your Nest Egg Score

A.G. Edwards has a short online quiz that determines your “nest egg score” based on criteria like how long before you plan to retire, how aggressively you invest, and where you live. It’s not meant to provide an in-depth portfolio review, just a quick sketch of where you stand—you’ll get a score very similar to a credit score, along with a comparative national average and a list of tips on how to improve your score.

The national average is also an interesting, if somewhat informal, way to gauge the larger savings trends in the U.S.: “Compiled from a dozen statistical factors, the quarterly Nest Egg Score is designed to be a comprehensive indicator of how well U.S. households are doing at building personal wealth.”

“What’s Your Nest Egg Score?” [PFBlog]

“A.G. Edwards Nest Egg Score Estimator” [A.G. Edwards]
(Photo: Getty)

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