Jet Blue Blues Continue, Even When You're On Continental

The bad thing about flying journalists to and fro is that when something goes wrong, they tend to amuse themselves by taking notes. Sadly, JetBlue does not yet have a policy prohibiting pens and paper from their flights. From the Boston Herald:

A passenger, talking loudly into his cellphone, says, “I went out of my way to fly JetBlue,” he said, “and instead I’m on some Express Jet. It’s a bait and switch.”

Yes, the oldest of sales schemes. Instead of the expansive Airbus 320 with legroom and TVs, JetBlue put its Dulles-to-Logan passengers on a Continental Express Jet, a flying partner. The switcheroo would have been a minor irritation given the brevity of the flight had the Express Jet not run low on fuel circling over Boston, forcing it to land at T.F. Green.

Here is what I experienced during what JetBlue’s “Customer Bill of Rights” policy describes as an “Onboard Ground Delay.”

The obvious solution to this problem is to ban journalism so these note-takers can no longer afford to fly. —MEGHANN MARCO

She’s seething on a JetBlue plane: Oh baby, she’ll hate to go again [Boston Herald]
(Photo: JohnKit)

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