Greed Floats: Carnival Cruise Line Bans Liquids

Rather bring a case of Coca-Cola on board than pay $36 for a single can (or whatever they charge now-a-days). Well, too bad. If you’re cruising with Carnival you may not bring liquids on board, even if they’re non-alcoholic liquids. From Upgrade: Travel Better:

The reason is economics, pure and simple. The cruise ships weren’t selling as many drinks on board as they wanted.
“Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen said guests had been bringing on too many nonalcoholic beverages. “There had been some abuse of the previous policy which is why the new policy is more restrictive,” he said.”

Other cruise lines don’t seem to have any such policy. You’d think Carnival would be more worried about the drunk people who are always falling off the ships.—MEGHANN MARCO

Carnival Cruise Lines bans liquids, extorts passengers [Upgrade: Travel Better]
(Photo: Hank Leclair)

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