All-Day Breakfast Is Coming To McDonald's?

Of course McDonald’s corporate is denying it, but the franchisees are saying that the recent overhauls to McDonald’s kitchens are a prelude to one thing: All-day breakfast. From Crain’s Chicago Business:

The company is asking franchisees to spend about $10,000 to reconfigure their kitchens and install new equipment, such as holding cabinets for McGriddles and hotcakes, to shave precious seconds off breakfast assembly time.
That request makes sense given the heightened competition, but some franchisees see an unspoken motive behind the program. Their suspicions arise from remarks McDonald’s CEO James Skinner made in September, when he told investors that all-day breakfast could be possible with a new cooking system under development in the company’s innovation center in Romeoville. After his comments, McDonald’s representatives quickly told the press that Mr. Skinner was merely “painting a picture of what is possible” and that all-day breakfast might never happen.

But now, some operators believe it could. “You put two and two together and it looks like this could be a step toward accomplishing breakfast all day,” says a franchisee in the Southwest who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Whatever, McDonald’s. You know it’s coming. Don’t be coy, you’re like a pregnant celebrity, for Pete’s sake. —MEGHANN MARCO

McD’s franchisees foresee all-day breakfast [Crain’s Chicago Business]
(Photo:The Consumerist)

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