Yep, Sprint Really Only Lets Reps Adjust Billing Up To $3 Per Call (As An Average)

Remember how we said Sprint’s customer service sucks because they only let reps adjust bills by up to $3 per call? Well, that wasn’t no hooey-talk.

UPDATE: The $3 is an average reps shoot for, over time, not a mandate for each individual call.

    mrblue: I work for a 3rd party cell phone retail store. I was on the phone with a CSR for Sprint asking if they could allow one of their customers to upgrade 1 week earlier than her eligable date.

    mrblue: She got rather quiet for a while, then I asked her if there was a problem.

    mrblue: She said something around the lines of “Well, I have to make a decision here. This is going to lower my (her score? quota? points).”

    mrblue: I told her I was sorry and if she could get me to a supervisor instead. She said no she would do it. Then I commented that I heard things were really rough at Sprint lately. She said “yeah, they’re being really hard on us here.” I told her how I read that they were only allowed a $3 credit per rep for certain issues and she said “wow how did you know that?” I told her about We continued to talk and she said how unhappy she was etc and then all of a sudden I hear “click” and the line disconnected.

    mrblue: She sounded rather sad though =(. That probably cost her her job.

That *click* was probably the observance of another Sprint customer service rep metric: the seven-minute per call time limit. — BEN POPKEN

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