Yep, Sprint Really Only Lets Reps Adjust Billing Up To $3 Per Call (As An Average)

Remember how we said Sprint’s customer service sucks because they only let reps adjust bills by up to $3 per call? Well, that wasn’t no hooey-talk.

UPDATE: The $3 is an average reps shoot for, over time, not a mandate for each individual call.

    mrblue: I work for a 3rd party cell phone retail store. I was on the phone with a CSR for Sprint asking if they could allow one of their customers to upgrade 1 week earlier than her eligable date.

    mrblue: She got rather quiet for a while, then I asked her if there was a problem.

    mrblue: She said something around the lines of “Well, I have to make a decision here. This is going to lower my (her score? quota? points).”

    mrblue: I told her I was sorry and if she could get me to a supervisor instead. She said no she would do it. Then I commented that I heard things were really rough at Sprint lately. She said “yeah, they’re being really hard on us here.” I told her how I read that they were only allowed a $3 credit per rep for certain issues and she said “wow how did you know that?” I told her about We continued to talk and she said how unhappy she was etc and then all of a sudden I hear “click” and the line disconnected.

    mrblue: She sounded rather sad though =(. That probably cost her her job.

That *click* was probably the observance of another Sprint customer service rep metric: the seven-minute per call time limit. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. steph says:

    I appreciate your coverage of all the cell phone companies and their crappy business practices. But does anyone have any advice on what provider is the best out of this horrible industry? I am going to change providers this fall (I’ll be sure not to sign another contract, using what I’ve learned here) and I’d like to pick the one that sucks the least. Have you done a post on this elsewhere that I’ve missed?

  2. danger says:

    Your headline and the facts are very misleading.

    Your headline: “Yep, Sprint Really Only Lets Reps Adjust Billing Up To $3 Per Call”

    The facts: “they were only allowed a $3 credit per rep FOR CERTAIN ISSUES” (emphasis mine)

    You imply in the headline that no adjustments over $3 can be made, and then bury the part where it only applies to certain issues.

    Come on guys. Sensationalize all you want, you’re just perpetuating untruths.

  3. kcskater says:

    @danger: OK, so instead of using headlines, they should just put the entire article in LARGE BOLD LETTERING [emphasis mine]

  4. kerry says:

    I got the impression that for certain issues they were allowed to issue up to $3 credit, and nothing for everything else. I would imagine there are times when only a supervisor can issue a credit in excess of $3.

  5. cindel says:

    Sad to say that I got a blackberry from Sprint. No choice because it’s partners with Deaf Relay Service.

  6. redline13 says:

    Just to balance things out I would like to say I have been a customer of Sprint for several years and I have always been satisfied with the service and I have never had a billing issue. I understand that this has not been everyone’s experience but sometimes I feel like this site (which I love by the way) only reports on the negative issues surrounding customer service.

  7. SOhp101 says:

    redline13, that’s why they now created the “Above and Beyond” section, where readers can submit an exceptionally positive experience with customer service.

  8. adamondi says:

    The saddest thing about this story is that the CSR really did want to help, but it was a choice between getting paid and helping out a customer. Companies shouldn’t ever put their CSRs in this position. Hmmm… should I make sure this customer is satisfied, and thereby ensure that they will continue to be a customer, or should I be able to pay rent this month?


  9. danger says:

    I have had credits larger than $3 recently given to me by first-level support people. I have no financial or other interest in Sprint, but am left wondering why the editors put such a spin on Sprint-related material. IMHO, The Consumerist’s treatment of Sprint is unwarranted and flies in the face of my experience.

    kcskater: you can be a smart-ass, but I think it’s pretty obvious that there is an anti-Sprint bias on this site.

  10. OrtizDupri says:

    I’ve had bills up to $300 corrected by bottom level Spring customer service reps – no talking to supervisors or managers. This was only a month or two ago, as well.

  11. vollmus says:

    They’re not that bad, really. My dad has been using Sprint for around a decade, and every once in awhile he calls them up and asks for some new feature for free. They always agree. This time he casually mentioned that we were thinking of switching to Cingular, and voila! Free unlimited text messaging for all five of us. I love Sprint.

  12. Anonymously says:

    I believe it’s a $3 per call average. Personally, I would like to see more stories on Sprint’s CSR smoke-and-mirrors. Procure some of their training materials and give them the AOL treatment.

  13. kuipo says:

    i work for comcast, i can give as much credits as i need to, only that above $50 average, a supervisor needs to approve it, but the only thing that i do is turn around and tell my supervisor, usually they sit with us reps and we can talk with them and joke and everything, actually i love working for comcast! hahahaha is really good and they pay us well!

  14. Kat says:

    That click might have been someone (supervisor) hearing her talk on the phone about how unhappy she was and disconnecting her.

  15. dansworld7 says:

    the $3.00 thing is not quite true. I know from dealing with sprint that when there are problems they try to give you crap like extra minutes, witch is ok if you need them. if your not happy with the outcome of your first service call, simply call back. If you get the right person you can butter them up about how they are so mutch nicer, and more understanding than the person they talked to first. Tell them the person was also rude ot top of not being helpful.Chances are they will credit your account on top of the extra minutes the previous call guy gave you. Keep in mind if the SR. can only do so mutch why not try to add a couple more reps. It takes a little patience but has worked out good for me. Their sales reps can only go back two mounths on your bill so keep an eye on it.