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Ben Schumin

Pepsi “Not At All Concerned” By Negative Initial Reaction To New Diet Pepsi

After decades of using aspartame as the sweetener for its Diet Pepsi cola, PepsiCo made the switch to sucralose (aka Splenda) in August. Early feedback has not been positive on social media and sales have not turned around, but the company says to remain calm and keep drinking. [More]

McDonald’s CEO Says He Has Turnaround Ideas Up His Sleeve

McDonald’s CEO Says He Has Turnaround Ideas Up His Sleeve

Facing sagging sales, increasing criticism of its labor practices, and growing disenfranchisement from its franchisees, McDonald’s recently installed CEO Steve Easterbrook is at the head of a flagging company that was once viewed as an unstoppable fast food force. But Steve-E claims that he’s got some ideas on how to reverse the course before this burger Titanic strikes the iceberg. [More]

This is not an alert message. It just looks like one. (KXAN-TV)

AT&T U-Verse Freaks Customers Out With Bogus Emergency Alert Message

This morning, some AT&T U-Verse subscribers woke to an alarming message displayed on their TV screens declaring a vague emergency, without any mention of it being a test. [More]