All-Day Breakfast Is Coming To McDonald's?

Of course McDonald’s corporate is denying it, but the franchisees are saying that the recent overhauls to McDonald’s kitchens are a prelude to one thing: All-day breakfast. From Crain’s Chicago Business:

The company is asking franchisees to spend about $10,000 to reconfigure their kitchens and install new equipment, such as holding cabinets for McGriddles and hotcakes, to shave precious seconds off breakfast assembly time.
That request makes sense given the heightened competition, but some franchisees see an unspoken motive behind the program. Their suspicions arise from remarks McDonald’s CEO James Skinner made in September, when he told investors that all-day breakfast could be possible with a new cooking system under development in the company’s innovation center in Romeoville. After his comments, McDonald’s representatives quickly told the press that Mr. Skinner was merely “painting a picture of what is possible” and that all-day breakfast might never happen.

But now, some operators believe it could. “You put two and two together and it looks like this could be a step toward accomplishing breakfast all day,” says a franchisee in the Southwest who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Whatever, McDonald’s. You know it’s coming. Don’t be coy, you’re like a pregnant celebrity, for Pete’s sake. —MEGHANN MARCO

McD’s franchisees foresee all-day breakfast [Crain’s Chicago Business]
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  1. zentec says:

    McDonald’s lost its value when they went to their current made-to-order system. It used to be that you could arrive, see what was in the bins and figure that they’d have you on your way in a few minutes. Usually you’d get what you wanted, but occasionally you’d have to opt for maybe a double cheeseburger instead of a Quarter Pounder. But the equation was right; something mostly edible in a very short amount of time. Sure, the food was always mediocre, but it was consistently mediocre and you could bet the lines moved quickly.

    Now, the wait is longer and the quality of the mediocre food isn’t even consistent. The made-to-order has taken any value out of going to McDonald’s, and when you couple in the health consequences of eating that stuff (that doesn’t even taste all that good anymore), it’s better to go some place else or bring a lunch.

  2. FMF says:

    I can’t wait for the day! I LOVE their pancakes — fast, tasty, and cheap. Perfect for a treat after a 30-mile bike ride. ;-)

  3. gardencat says:

    Like Michael Douglas in “Falling Down,” his character in the movie enters a fast food restaurant called Whammyburger and tries to order a breakfast menu at lunch time. He becomes extremely upset that breakfast is no longer served, and pulls out a gun.

    Although I was never quite this upset, it seems, I always missed breakfast time at McDonald’s. In the early days lunch was served up at 10:30 am…I definitely was not in the mood for hamburger at this hour. Hey, sometimes I enjoy eating pancakes at dinner time, so in my opinion, this would be a good move for the food chain; breakfast anytime would be great!

  4. Chaoticfluffy says:

    Wow, wait, people actually like McDonalds breakfast that much? I always kind of figured it was just something they did so that they could open before lunchtime. Then again, I have an irrational aversion to fast food breakfast, so for all I know, McMuffins could be the nectar of the gods and I was just never inducted to the cult of their wonders…

  5. Zach Everson says:

    The last time I had breakfast at McDonalds I had all-day indigestion.

  6. I don’t really see how McD has anything to lose by going to breakfast all-day. I know there are those late-at-night times when I’m craving a McGriddles or something but I can’t get it.

    Yes, I am a McDonald’s addict. I’ll admit it.

  7. Art Vandelay says:

    I swear McDonald’s already said they were going to serve breakfast all day after the kitchen redesign. In fact, I believe that it was stated that’s the whole reason for the redesign.

    I believe it was said by an executive in a documentary/report by a man from England. I can’t remember the name, but it showed McDonald’s spread through the UK and then the host went to different McD’s in LA while driving a red Cadillac.

  8. MaliBoo Radley says:

    I hope they do this here in London.

  9. Amry says:

    Hate all you want, but sometimes I just want a dang biscuit in the middle of the afternoon. Until Bojangle’s moves to the midwest, that just isn’t possible, so I applaud McDonald’s efforts. Yum!

  10. magic8ball says:

    I’m just fascinated by the fact that a) McDonald’s has an “innovation center,” and b) it’s located in a place called “Romeoville.”

  11. Maulleigh says:

    The good Lord has heard my prayers!!! I love that I can get a breakfast bagel egg sausage bacon bomb at Dunkin Donuts all day. I’m a big nerd for breakfast items anytime. That’s the best thing about diners.

  12. bluegus32 says:

    Wait a minute! What about lunch all day? I don’t like McDonalds’ breakfasts. But there are days when I need a damn burger and fries at 8:00 a.m.

  13. Chaoticfluffy says:

    @bluegus32: Completely seconding that! I’m still trying to pin down exactly what time I need to wait for until I can get those fries!

  14. As I said in an earlier thread- after McDonalds starts doing all-day breakfast, I give myself 6 months to live.

  15. kerry says:

    I’m wondering what the employees at the innovation center eat for lunch. Do they get served McDonalds? If so, do they all know too much and bring sack lunches?

  16. Starfury says:

    If you want breakfast stuff anytime just go to Jack in the Box.

    And McGriddles…yuck.

  17. kenposan says:

    I want lunch all day. I went to McD’s TEN minutes before 11:00 and couldn’t get my daughter a frikin happy meal. :(

  18. crayonshinobi says:

    I’ve never understood why we couldn’t have breakfast all day/night at McDonalds. I mean, Denny’s can do it, along with every Greek restaurant in the universe…We can put people in space, but McDonald’s needed this long to figure out how to provide McGriddles at noon?

    Yes, I would be very happy with the end of the arbitrary 10:30 AM breakfast time limit.

  19. Roosh says:

    This is excellent news. I hate McDonalds but their sausage and cheese McGriddle is like crack.

  20. critical_matt says:

    In Michigan, there are locations that already have a portion of their breakfast menus available all day. I know pancakes are for sure, along with one of the sandwiches, and the sticky bun things.

  21. Sigh, I miss the cinnamon danishes [sp?] they used to sell when I was a kid.

  22. parislemon says:

    Awesome. Less than a month after the post…

  23. ap14rcf70 says:

    Does anyone who posted above exercise, care how much they weigh or how healthy their heart is? Have any of you seen “Super Size Me”? Why don’t we blog about tobacco companies fighting their way back to win our hearts too! Yes, I find myself in a McDonalds a few times per year – and I feel guilty about it – because I know how bad it is. And if you found your way to this site – YOU’re smart enough to know how bad it is too! Just jam a syringe of bad cholesterol in your arm each morning. Egad! We shouldn’t be talking about lunch 24/7 or breakfast 24/7 – we should be talking about legislation to make every McDonalds restrict their hours to 7am-9am, 11am-1pm & 5pm-7pm. Do you want to be a parent to the first 25 lb. baby in your block?! Will hospitals have to have McDonald’s in the delivery room for kids born with the addiction?! C’mon people! Mix in a salad and an evening walk around the neighborhood – get crazy and take two laps even!

  24. weissadam says:

    I am completely amazed that people care about this. McDonalds food is absolute crap. Who cares if you can get a McFrenchToastHashBrownSausageStick at 3PM, it’s still crap!

  25. adropp says:

    @ap14rcf70: oye, relax.

  26. Repique says:

    I have to laugh… I was just thinking, when I read this, “God, people will think I’m sick, but I can’t wait for this.” I love the McGriddle. But I’m never *ever* up by that time of morning. Breakfast, for me, happens at about 11am. (Which makes more sense when one realizes I sometimes don’t get home from my night classes until 10:30pm or after.) And even that early, my stomach *is* easily upset by greasy food. At 6pm? It’s not a problem. The *real* problem is that now I’m jonesing for a McGriddle. Bah.

    I think fast food panic is overrated. Yeah, it’s lousy for you. If it bothers you, learn to cook. I absolutely think that places should distribute accurate calorie information and such so that consumers can make smart decisions. But limiting hours? Um, ap14rcf70… I don’t eat my meals at those hours, because I work afternoons and have class nights. Am I not allowed to eat out now? I work out 4-5 days a week (which does not include my time on the Wii!) and I believe I’m capable of making smart food decisions which do sometimes include things that *aren’t* healthy. Including, now and then, pancake sandwiches.

  27. Bryan Price says:

    What I wanted 30 years ago is finally coming true.

    So now I can^H^H^H will have my McMuffins while the rest of the family is chewing on their burgers.

  28. nick says:

    @Eric J with Club Sauce:
    That just about sums up what I was thinking!

  29. superbmtsub says:

    I want the #2 meal for breakfast, not the other way round!

  30. Cancan says:

    magic8ball, you will be thrilled to know that Romeoville is just this side of Joliet.

  31. Aaron Pratt says:

    I read this post and said to myself, “Damn. I could sure go for a McGriddle right now.”