McDonald’s Says Flogs Were Not Completely Fake

In late October, we exposed two McDonald’s flogs promoting their Monopoly game. One was supposedly written by “Stanley Smith” and followed his quest to collect all four railroads. The other was ostensibly written by 2004 million-dollar winner Marcia Schroeder.

We just spotted this MediaPost followup from November, 6. They spoke with Kristin Zanini of the JSH&A agency, who confirmed that “Stanley Smith” was a fictional character.

    “Zanini asserted, however, that Schroeder personally wrote all the entries on her blog, including the one that reads: “Some nights, we skip cooking dinner at home just to take a trip to McDonald’s so we can play Monopoly. Thank goodness they have lots of variety on the menu to choose from.””

Maria also wrote about Stanley as if Stanley was a real person.

Stanley’s expired blog sat at, which now resolves to a domain squat page. Following some of the links results in attempts to install spyware on your browser. — BEN POPKEN

McFlog? McDonald’s Proves Wal-Mart Has No Monopoly On Fake Blogs [MediaPost]

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