No More Wheelbarrow Or Shoe For Monopoly Players

Monopoly is doing away with two more pieces of its history, with the announcement that the wheelbarrow and shoe are the latest of Monopoly’s original game pieces to be lost to the couch cushions of history. [More]


Monopoly Fans Vote The Thimble Off The Game Board

Although it was once a common sight around many American homes, odds are, unless you’re an avid sewer, the only thimble you’ve come into contact with recently is the Monopoly game piece. Perhaps it was that lack of relevancy that led to the silver token’s demise: Hasbro announced today that the thimble will no longer pass “Go” in the next generation of Monopoly. [More]

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Apple Must Face Lawsuit Claiming It Ran App Store Monopoly

A federal appeals court has breathed new life into six-year-old lawsuit over Apple’s alleged monopoly control of its App Store.  [More]

Hasbro Putting The Fate Of 8 Monopoly Tokens In Hands Of The Masses

Hasbro Putting The Fate Of 8 Monopoly Tokens In Hands Of The Masses

Three years ago, we as a nation of board game players voted, and told Hasbro to ditch Monopoly’s classic iron token in favor of a cat. Now, with 50 new contenders — including a hashtag (what the heck?!), bunny slipper, and monster truck –bearing down on them, the fate of the eight current Monopoly tokens is once more hanging in the balance. [More]

"C'mon Rey! I said I was sorry... I didn't ask to be made a Monopoly game piece!"

Star Wars Monopoly Game Getting Female Character After All

Hasbro recently explained that the reason it didn’t include the main character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens in its new Star Wars-themed Monopoly game wasn’t because she was a female, but because it didn’t want to spoil info about her character that was already quite obvious from the trailers. But now that everyone and their goldfish has done their mandatory 135-minute duty and watched the movie, Hasbro is going to add a woman to the Monopoly mix. [More]

Hasbro thought to include at least one female in this product shot of Star Wars Monopoly, but not in the game.

Monopoly Games Omit Star Wars’ Lead Female, Relocate Des Moines To Ohio

It’s not a good week for Hasbro’s long-running (and apparently inexhaustible) Monopoly franchise. First, the company has to explain why its new Star Wars-themed game leaves out the new film’s female lead character, and now comes news that Hasbro has decided that Iowa’s capital city is actually located hundreds of miles away in Ohio. [More]

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Hasbro Celebrates Monopoly Anniversary By Putting Real Money In The Game, But Only In France

When sitting down to a rousing game of Monopoly, one might daydream about opening the box to find the colorful fake money replaced with genuine bills. While that’s just a pipe dream for most of us, Hasbro – the maker of the iconic board game – is making it a reality for 80 lucky consumers…in France.


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Burger King Tries To Fight McDonald’s Monopoly With Cheap Chicken Nuggets

Once again, McDonald’s is luring in customers with its Monopoly promotion, offering the promise of free food and prizes (but mostly resulting in game pieces you’ll forget to collect and then find a few months later in the bottom of your office drawer). In an effort to combat this campaign, Burger King is hitting McDonald’s where it hurts — right in the McNuggets. [More]

The McDonald's to Hungry Jack conversion chart.

Burger King Australia Will Honor Winning McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces

While fast food fans in the U.S. prepare to begin the annual ritual of collecting McDonald’s Monopoly pieces in the hopes of getting free food and other prizes, the promotion is already running in Australia. But rather than watch the competition benefit from this board game-themed campaign, the operators of Burger King’s Down Under operations are fighting back. [More]

Hasbro Releasing New Monopoly Edition With The Best “House Rules” Players Have Dreamed Up

Hasbro Releasing New Monopoly Edition With The Best “House Rules” Players Have Dreamed Up

When I play Monopoly with my friends, every time someone lands on Baltic Avenue they have to take off their socks, clap them on their ears and sing a special song about real estate and the plight of modern man. That’s not true, but it could be — and while such “House Rules” you and your kind have made up aren’t official Monopoly rules, Hasbro is preparing to approve some of the best of those made-up rules. [More]

How Rigged Monopoly Sets Helped World War II Prisoners Of War Escape

How Rigged Monopoly Sets Helped World War II Prisoners Of War Escape

Whenever I play Monopoly, sure, I’m playing to survive — well, survive the shame that inevitably befalls the worst player on the board. But a new report says the game did a lot more for prisoners of war during World War II, who used rigged sets to escape to freedom. Now that’s survival of the fittest. Or at least the cleverest. [More]

Ad-Filled Monopoly Game, Deluxe Virtual Tooth Fairy, Potty With iPad Stand Top List Of Year’s Worst Toys

Ad-Filled Monopoly Game, Deluxe Virtual Tooth Fairy, Potty With iPad Stand Top List Of Year’s Worst Toys

Do your kids feel that board games are ho-hum without advertising from some of the world’s biggest brands? Maybe your girls and boys are bored with the virtual tooth fairy they already have (yes, this exists) and the only way to make them happy is to pay more to unlock a VIP edition? Or does your potty-training youngster cry because he or she has to take their eyes away from the iPad for a few seconds while they do their digestive duty? Then we have some toys for you! [More]

This is a real thing that a real company is actually selling, and which some people will purchase.

New Monopoly Teaches Kids The Importance Of Xbox, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and EA!

The folks at Hasbro have never had a problem letting everything from towns to universities to movies to big-name commercial brands slap their names on licensed versions of Monopoly, but a new version of the classic board game is unabashedly all about learning the value of today’s biggest fast food, retail, tech, and entertainment companies — everything a growing child needs to get ahead! [More]

(Here, kitty kitty kitty!)

Monopoly Fans Have Spoken: Out Goes The Iron And In Comes The New Cat Token

The people have spoken: Monopoly boards will soon welcome a new token — the cat. Hasbro closed its voting Tuesday at midnight on what the newest token would be, as well as which would get the boot. We’re sorry to inform any fans of wrinkle-free clothing that the iron has been slated for retirement. Hope you like cats. [More]


Vote, Or The Scottie Dog Gets It: Monopoly Contest Will Do Away With One Iconic Token

There are many ways to win the game of Monopoly and thus, become champion of the entire world or at least lord it over your three brothers. Any strategy includes scooting around the board with a token you choose to symbolize the defeat of your enemies. Whether you pick the race car, iron, Scottie dog, wheelbarrow, shoe, top hat, thimble, or battleship, you’ve probably got a favorite (old shoe). But soon, perhaps too soon for anyone with even one nostalgic bone in their body, Monopoly is going to get rid of one of those forever. [More]

If You Want To Be A McMillionaire, You'd Better Start

If You Want To Be A McMillionaire, You'd Better Start Eating

If you’ve become addicted to McDonald’s Monopoly promotion, you may wonder roughly how many Big Macs you’ll have to eat until you can realistically hope to win a major prize [More]

Gold And Jewel-Encrusted Monopoly Game Heads To Wall Street

Gold And Jewel-Encrusted Monopoly Game Heads To Wall Street

A gold and jewel bedazzled version of Monopoly worth $2 million is heading to Wall Street this Friday. That’s not a metaphor. [More]

Brits May Challenge Visa's 2012 Olympics Exclusivity

Brits May Challenge Visa's 2012 Olympics Exclusivity

If you’ve gone to an Olympic event over the past 22 years, Visa was everywhere you wanted to be. And everywhere you didn’t want to be. In fact, thanks to a contract between Visa and the International Olympic Committee, Visa has been the only credit or debit card allowed at the Olympics since the Seoul games in 1988. But Britain may challenge the exclusivity in the run up to the 2012 games. [More]