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"C'mon Rey! I said I was sorry... I didn't ask to be made a Monopoly game piece!"

Star Wars Monopoly Game Getting Female Character After All

Hasbro recently explained that the reason it didn’t include the main character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens in its new Star Wars-themed Monopoly game wasn’t because she was a female, but because it didn’t want to spoil info about her character that was already quite obvious from the trailers. But now that everyone and their goldfish has done their mandatory 135-minute duty and watched the movie, Hasbro is going to add a woman to the Monopoly mix. [More]

Hasbro thought to include at least one female in this product shot of Star Wars Monopoly, but not in the game.

Monopoly Games Omit Star Wars’ Lead Female, Relocate Des Moines To Ohio

It’s not a good week for Hasbro’s long-running (and apparently inexhaustible) Monopoly franchise. First, the company has to explain why its new Star Wars-themed game leaves out the new film’s female lead character, and now comes news that Hasbro has decided that Iowa’s capital city is actually located hundreds of miles away in Ohio. [More]