Michael Jackson Pro-Pedophile Poster Boy in Hungary

Poor Michael Jackson. Although found not guilty of molesting a child over at the Neverland ranch, he can’t quite get over the stigma of being an accused child molester. Not only have the authorities shut down Neverland, but now Hungarian political parties are featuring his unique, ghoulish visage on candidacy posters, accusing their opponents of being pro-pedophilia.

Apparently, the ads are from a Hungarian anti-liberal group who are against the Free Democrats (SZDSZ) campaign. The ads feature Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin with the tag-line: “More SZDSZ, more pedophiles.”

The ads are playing off of the recent discovery that an SZDSZ politician has been investigated for owning child pornography.

Michael Jackson’s image used on paedophile campaign posters [Monsters And Critics]

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