If You Have $100M To Spare, Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Could Be Yours

If you don’t know who Bubbles the Chimpanzee was, you should probably just stop reading now. For the rest of you who may have a spare $100 million burning a hole in your pocket, Michael Jackson’s famed Neverland Ranch is on the market under a new name.

Sycamore Valley Ranch, as the late Jackson’s estate is now called, no longer has carnival rides or primate pals, but the floral clock still spells “Neverland” by the train station ands its train tracks, and a llama lives on the property, reports the Wall Street Journal.

All told, the property has about 22 structures on its 2,700 acres, with the six-bedroom house with attached staff quarters measuring 12,000 square feet.

Then there are all the things associated with celebrity homes: A swimming pool with a cabana, a basketball court and a tennis court, a 50-seat movie theater with a private viewing balcony and a place for magic shows — do we really need to go on? Michael Jackson lived here, it’s super expensive — you get it.

Don’t think you can just waltz in and get a free tour, however, as the listing agents say there will be “extensive prequalification” of anyone looking to buy before they show the property.

Michael Jackson’s Onetime Neverland Lists for $100 Million [Wall Street Journal]

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