Neverland Ranch Still For Sale, Now At Bargain Price Of $67M

Image courtesy of Joyce Rey

If you balked at the $100 million price tag on Neverland Ranch, also known as the former home of Michael Jackson, perhaps you’d be interested now that the California estate is being “reintroduced” to the market at just $67 million.

Colony Capital Inc. acquired the estate from the financially-troubled Jackson in 2008, and first tried to sell it two years ago. It’s since been renamed Sycamore Valley Ranch, likely in an effort to distance the property from the late pop star in the minds of potential customers (though we’re sure Bubbles the chimpanzee’s ghost will make sure they’re aware of it once the new owners move in).

“The initial pricing afforded Colony Capital time to better determine the future of the ranch and today we look forward to this magnificent property being enjoyed by a new curator,” said real estate broker Joyce Rey of Coldwell Banker Previews International in a statement.

Besides hanging out with the ghost of Bubbles, this “quintessential California estate” — featuring 22 structures on its 2,700 acres, including separate staff quarters, a train station, movie theater, dance studios, barns, and corrals — is designed for recreation and entertaining, she says, and “exudes welcoming warmth and comfort.”

Absent from the property’s description? The name of its former owner, though the words “Neverland Ranch” spelled out in flowers near the train station also provide a hint about the estate’s past.

[h/t Bloomberg]

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