Girl Claims McDonald’s In Wales Served Her A McFrog Wrap

Girl Claims McDonald’s In Wales Served Her A McFrog Wrap

A few years ago, when frogs and pieces of frogs began turning up in frozen vegetables all over the country, we came to refer to any unwanted animal or animal part found in one’s food as “free frogs.” The term literally came true in Wales last week. A 10-year-old girl says that she took a great big bite of frog in her wrap over the weekend, but McDonald’s claims that it’s “unlikely” that the frog was put in there along with the vegetables. [More]

On the left, a map. On the right, chicken (via @DailyMirror)

KFC Customer Claims His Dinner Has Foretold The Outcome Of Scotland’s Independence Vote

While the United Kingdom stands poised on the brink of a possibly fractured future, one man says he already knows the outcome of Scotland’s vote on independence: It’s going solo, according to a piece of chicken he bought from KFC. Well, that’s decided. [More]


Welsh Pub Fined For Discrimination After Job Ad Says “Being British” Could Help You Get Hired

It doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to inject some cheeky humor into a want ad, the Human Rights Commission takes discrimination very seriously. New York City’s only Welsh pub found that out the hard way, after posting an ad on Craigslist last year looking for bartenders and noting, “Being British definitely works in your favor.” [More]

A few extra bits of chocolate cost one McDonald's $5,000.

McDonald’s Employee Says She Was Fired For Being Too Generous With McFlurry Topping

In my Dairy Queen days, friends would come up to the window and ask for free extra toppings. I’d refuse, knowing my boss monitored every transaction via camera and that it wasn’t worth losing a job over an extra pump of fudge. But a former McDonald’s employee has successfully sued the restaurant for firing her for providing a few extra sprinkles on a pal’s McFlurry. [More]

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Scourge Of Drunken Toddlers In Chain Restaurants Spreads To The UK

Here at the Consumerist, we’ve been at the forefront of reporting on incidents where chain restaurant personnel accidentally servem alcoholic beverages to very small children. We’re sad to note that the phenomenon has crossed the Atlantic. A mother in Wales was out for lunch to celebrate her son’s second birthday when she noticed that her toddler was making faces while drinking his juice. She took a sip herself, and found that the child had been drinking whiskey instead of his usual lime juice and water. A double, it seemed. They took him to the hospital for observation. [More]

Closed-Minded Retailer Tesco Bans Jedi Religious Garb

Closed-Minded Retailer Tesco Bans Jedi Religious Garb

The persecution never ends for the Jedi, does it? First, they were nearly all murdered by one of their own. Then, just when they’ve built a presence on modern Earth, a grocery store in Wales tells a practicing Jedi that he can’t wear the hood of his robe up in their stores. Bigotry!