Scourge Of Drunken Toddlers In Chain Restaurants Spreads To The UK

Image courtesy of (Life of David)

Here at the Consumerist, we’ve been at the forefront of reporting on incidents where chain restaurant personnel accidentally servem alcoholic beverages to very small children. We’re sad to note that the phenomenon has crossed the Atlantic. A mother in Wales was out for lunch to celebrate her son’s second birthday when she noticed that her toddler was making faces while drinking his juice. She took a sip herself, and found that the child had been drinking whiskey instead of his usual lime juice and water. A double, it seemed. They took him to the hospital for observation.

It all happened at a Frankie and Benny’s restaurant in Swansea, Wales. Fortunately for media outlets reporting on the incident, pictures exist of the boy sipping his beverages, which wasn’t even in am opaque sippy cup as with similar incidents here in the U.S.

The company released a statement, which we think is British for “taking it very seriously.”

The company is incredibly sorry for what happened. It was a human error and we are putting measures in place to ensure it never happens again.

Toddler served whisky at Frankie and Benny’s restaurant [BBC] (via Huffington Post – thanks, GitEmSteveDave!)

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